SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Kabi Kabi People spokesman Tony Dalton .
SOFTLY, SOFTLY: Kabi Kabi People spokesman Tony Dalton . Contributed

Kabi Kabi not after freehold Noosa land grab

FREEHOLD land is not under threat of takeover in the Noosa Shire according to the man heading the native title claim for the Kabi Kabi People.

Tony Dalton is a spokesman for about 32 Kabi Kabi families who have had their claim of land accepted over most of four local government areas - Fraser Coast, Gympie, Noosa and Sunshine Coast.

But Mr Dalton, who welcomed the fact that Noosa Deputy Mayor Bob Abbot would be on hand to help the local council steer its way through ongoing process, warned that the claim could have a real impact on the Noosa on Weyba residential estate application near Lake Weyba.

Mr Dalton said the Kabi Kabi People were intent on entering into consent neg

otiations with the relevant authorities rather than engage in protracted and costly court proceedings.

Mr Dalton is keen to see the known and presently uncovered native middens protected in the claim area.

"That's why we're very, very interested in what's going to happen at Noosa on Weyba, because that site has never been investigated.

"I believe we're going to find absolute heaps and heaps of middens, so obviously there's going to be some pretty serious negotiations with the council on that one.

"We have the right to look at certain aspects of the landscape, especially those that we know were special sites for our people through knowledge passed down through the generations."

Noosa Council, which is yet to decide on the application, last week voted to keep a watching brief on the native title claim as it plays out at a federal level.

Mr Dalton said his family comes from the more southern end of the claim area in the Caloundra/ Bribie Island section.

"The greatest outcome for me at a personal level is the fact that our elders and ancestors are now recognised as the original inhabitants of the country.

"And that's something that was never afforded to them. That's the greatest asset, just the recognition.

"It also gives us certain rights - nothing over freehold (land). That's where the scaremongers put it out there."

Mr Dalton also said the Kabi Kabi had a long-term goal of establishing a "Murri boot camp" for indigenous children in the northern section of the claim area.

"If we can do it in country, that means we can actually take them to our sites and teach them what it's all about what was done there - the history," Mr Dalton said.

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