Kelly looking stressed in the kitchen.
Kelly looking stressed in the kitchen. Tony McDonough

Kelly and Chloe serve up best and worst dishes on MKR

FROM decadence to disaster, Chloe and Kelly's ultimate instant restaurant took a downward spiral on My Kitchen Rules last night.

The girls were boasting about getting farther than any other WA team on the show as they had breakfast with their friends, but things didn't go so smoothly in the kitchen later that day.

While the friends were aiming for decadence with their fine dining menu, their expensive ingredients didn't guarantee excellence.

They started on a high, serving up a perfect oxtail and bone marrow dish.

 "This is the reason why I do the show I do," judge Manu Feildel said.

"It's just heaven, heaven. This is now my favourite dish of the competition."

But fellow judge Pete Evans, as the only person at the table to try the Marron entrée, said his scallops were overcooked and lacked seasoning.

Things started to go downhill in the main course. With the majority of diners choosing the venison, it was the weaker and smaller of the two dishes on offer.

"The venison itself is well cooked, melting in the mouth, beautiful and that sauce was wonderful," Feildel said.

"I would have loved a bit more of everything. It was kind of petite."

Kelly and Chloe went all out with their Gatsby-inspired Nouveau restaurant.
Kelly and Chloe went all out with their Gatsby-inspired Nouveau restaurant. Tony McDonough

The goat was more generous but was served with an unbalanced sauce.

"I thought your goat was cooked to perfection, however there was a  lot of acidity in there," Evans said.

"You have to cook the wine out because the acidity in that dish overpowered the goat."

Chloe and Kelly's supposed dessert curse struck again, with guests waiting more than two hours while Chloe struggled to make her truffled truffles.

 "The ice cream for me is to die for," Feildel said.

"But you've ruined that ice cream with everything else on the plate.

"All I can taste is sugar, walnut and pear. This plate doesn't make sense whatsoever."

The brioche doughnuts, which again only Evans ordered, were also a let down.

"I think you've got a beautiful crust on them," Evans said.

"You look at them and think wow they look delicious can't want to try them, but they weren't cooked all the way through.

"The curd tastes a bit fake, a bit artificial flavoured."

While the oxtail dish received a perfect score of 10 from Feildel, the night ended in tears as the girls failed to beat Paul and Blair's score of 70.

That means Gold Coast surfer dads Paul and Blair are guaranteed a spot in the final four.

Tassie uni students Thalia and Bianca will host their ultimate instant restaurant in Hobart when My Kitchen Rules returns on Easter Monday.



Entrée: Poached Marron with scallops and Confit potatoes

Entrée: Oxtail and bone marrow

Main: Capretto (baby goat) with polenta

Main: Venison filet with blackberries

Dessert: Brioche doughnuts with elderflower curd

Dessert: Truffled truffle with truffle ice cream

Score: 59/100

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