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We're on a mission to educate Australians.
We're on a mission to educate Australians. Che Chapman

ASBESTOS is a killer that continues to claim the lives of Australians including men, women and young adults years after it was banned in Australia in 2003.

To save lives we're on a mission to educate more Australians than ever before about potentially dangerous asbestos products still lurking in one third of Aussie homes.

After losing a dear friend and colleague to mesothelioma, the memory of what asbestos did to my mate Harold Hopkins and that it might have been avoided still fills me with deep sadness.

Harold is among the countless Australians whose lives have been lost because they inhaled asbestos fibres.

As ambassador for Asbestos Awareness Month, former DIY renovator and tradie, I've met many, many people who like me, have lost someone dear to them and been unnecessarily exposed to asbestos fibres.

In recent times in what's been dubbed the 'third wave' of victims, homeowners, DIYers and tradies have been identified as those most at risk when they renovate homes, unknowingly disturb asbestos and inhale the fibres that can kill.

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Asbestos Awareness Month Campaign ambassador

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