Land swap is under dispute at Noosa North Shore

SCARCE natural coastal land on Noosa North Shore would be excluded from proposed National Heritage Listing to facilitate future negotiations for a council land swap involving Noosa Council and sections of national park.

That was the argument put forward by council staff at last Monday's general committee meeting, but Councillor Tony Wellington wanted no part of the exclusion.

Cr Wellington said he was "not terribly keen on the idea of the two southern ocean-side lots below the (North Shore) camping ground being included" in the exclusion area.

"I think it's an overkill. We are desperately short of coastal dune land that is undeveloped in this region - it's an at-risk habitat," Cr Wellington said.

And Mayor Noel Playford advised councillors that "we should say absolutely nothing about national park land". "It's not up to us," he said.

"What the state decides to do is up to the state. But the reality is there would be more protection under national park listing."

The mayor said the proposed NHL "is as much symbolic as it is anything else", but said it would be useful in getting appropriate parts of that land World Heritage listed in the future.

"And if that's not important to Noosa, then nothing is."

The land swap dates back to a council resolution back in 2006 that sought to have lot 1010 located east of the wilderness track become part of the council camping ground and that a western portion be transferred to national park.

Staff this week said this would allow more detailed council planning for the camping reserve expansion.

"In light of recent discussions with QPWS (Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service) it is important that the National Heritage Listing does not impact on the future planning," staff planning manager Kerri Coyle said.

The council is now exploring a deal with the state to extend as far down to Second Cutting, but as one staffer told councillors on Monday "if we don't recognise it as our future lot and we leave it to World Heritage, we may be stuck"

She said council "may not be able to move forward."

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