Noosa council candidate Phil Moran.
Noosa council candidate Phil Moran.

Landcare leader eyes fertile political offshoot

THE face of Noosa and District Landcare for decades, Phil Moran, has decided to throw his hat into the ring to run for Noosa Council.

This high-profile public figure said the March 28 council elections will be “all about who stands up for our communities” and believes he has a proven track record.

As Landcare general manager he has championed issues such as environment protection, job creation and better deals for community groups.

“I have loved working and volunteering in community groups for the 30 years I have lived in Noosa Shire”.

“My heart and life is in Noosa, and I will work tirelessly to protect the values we love about this place.

“We need to honestly and sensibly address the challenges of population growth, transport and increased climate variability, and put in place innovative measures to protect our environment as well as our economy. This includes our waterways, agriculture, horticulture and our protected reserves,” Mr Moran said.

He said councillors must have an eye to the future as well as the past.

“We have to acknowledge the extraordinary individuals and community groups who’ve fought to make Noosa what it is today.

“Our council must carry on this work into the new decade with a balanced approach that means listening to the community as well as providing leadership.

“My record and my vision for Noosa is clear for voters to make their judgement,” Mr Moran said.

He said Noosa Landcare has grown well beyond its role as a not-for-profit environment group to become the second biggest employer in Pomona, providing meaningful jobs, volunteering, career pathways and training opportunities, particularly for our youth.

Mr Moran has a long record of community leadership, as inaugural chair of the Noosa Environment Board, on the National Landcare network, the Mary River Catchment Co-ordinating Committee, Queensland Water, Land Carers and, more recently, on Tourism Noosa’s Industry Development and Sustainability Committee.

He aims in office would be to:

  • Support and diversifying the Noosa economy and creating new, sustainable jobs while protecting our strong environmental credentials.
  • Listen to all of our community voices, including our youth, not just the loudest and best funded lobby groups.
  • Fiercely protect Noosa’s planning scheme and its recent history of low-key development without high-rise, excessive advertising, traffic lights and other ‘big city’ symbols.
  • Support a balanced, innovative approach to our future, encouraging conservation on private land, more solar uptake, water saving and vegetation retention.

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