People gathered at Peregian for some festive fun.
People gathered at Peregian for some festive fun. John Mccutcheon

Last ditch concert bid

REGARDLESS of yesterday's council decision on the fate of Peregian Originals local councillor Russell Green believes some positive ground has been made between council and the Peregian SLSC.

A decision was to be voted in yesterday - with the council staff recommendation to cut the number of free Sunday concerts from 24 a year to just 12.

Organisers and supporters say that would be the death knell of the event while the surf club is wondering how it will cope without these crucial fundraisers.

Cr Green on Monday sat down with Peregian SLSC president Brett Leckie to discuss these issues for what he sees as a very difficult situation with no easy resolution to please those in favour of the Originals and the residents who claim they are being severely impacted by the concert traffic and noise.

Cr Green said the surf club talk had been quite positive and said the club as a major benefactor of the concerts has to take greater control of the events and its impacts.

"The surf club realise that with the Peregian markets and the Originals on top of that they have to be more involved with the management of events," Cr Green said.

Cr Green said council has been trying to work in with the East Coast Originals as best it can to help with the necessary permits.

But he said it was "disingenuous" of organisers to continue to claim that they have not been made aware of the problems the residents were facing down there so they could fix them.

Look out for snakes

Look out for snakes

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