Laws says he didn’t like Princess Diana

FIVE years after John Laws went viral after flirting with presenter Leigh Sales during an interview, the famous radio host has returned to the ABC to offer a less than flattering account of the time he met Princess Diana.

Laws told Sales in their 2012 interview he loved "every minute of it" after she asked whether he had enjoyed their chat.

And their follow-up interview on the ABC on Wednesday night is sure to cause just as much controversy.

Nicknamed Golden Tonsils on the back on his incredibly successful radio career, Laws appeared on the program to promote his new book Lawsie: Well you wanted to know and to start off the interview Sales wanted to know what he thought of Princess Di.

"John, you had six decades in radio and in your book you have barely had a bad word to say about anybody except for Princess Diana, you weren't taken with her?" Sales asked after Laws expressed his disappointment the presenter was not interviewing him in person.

"No, no, I didn't - I didn't like her from the beginning," Laws replied.

"I thought she was an actress. I really did.

"She didn't do a lot for me.

"I'm probably the only man in the world who she did nothing for but she didn't do much for me."

Sales then followed up with: "you write in the book you always preferred the company of women to men. What is it that you enjoy about the company of women?"

"They talk more," Laws replied.

After talking of his admiration for former Prime Ministers Paul Keating and John Howard, Sales then asked Laws about the secrets of his success.

"I have always found that it helped if I'm addressing in my mind something tangible like the microphone," he said.
"I think that's very important.

"But, I don't want to give all these clues to these up-and-coming bastards who want my job!"

Sales then questioned Laws about a part he once had in the iconic Australian TV program Skippy.

And Laws took the chance to plug one of his favourites.

"I did, you're quite right," he said.

"Nearly choked me on my Wild Turkey. I did have a part in Skippy.

"I played the part of an estate agent, called Honest John and I was anything but honest."

Sales then closed the interview with a nod to the pair's history.

"Well, John, we're out of time. Thank you for being with us and for old times sake, did you enjoy it?" she asked.

"Ha, ha, ha. You stole my line!" Laws replied.

"Every moment was a shining one, Leigh, believe me."

And just like last time Laws interview began trending on social media immediately.

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