'Let the kids have as much sugar as they want'

BABYSITTERS aren't usually encouraged to care for kids with lots of sugar and screen time, but that's what one young girl was told to do.

Most mums and dads leave a short list of instructions for anyone looking after their children, but this couple left a very detailed, and unconventional ten-point list for their babysitter.

It seems the parents decided to have some fun by encouraging the babysitter to use "as much TV as possible" and to not waste any time on healthy snacks.

The list even suggested the babysitter have a go at breastfeeding, and look up a YouTube video if she needed help to do it.

This list written by US parents has since gone viral after being shared online by the shocked boyfriend of the babysitter.

The boyfriend shared a photo of the list - which was retweeted 17,000 times, with the caption, "My girl went to go babysit and this is what the parents left her".


The note advised the babysitter against lending any neighbours eggs or cigarettes, and warned the babysitter not to answer the house phone "unless you feel like paying bills".

Also included in the list were gems such as:

"Let the kids have as much sugar as they want, as long as they will go away. They take pills to sleep anyway" and "I encourage the kids to watch as much TV as possible so they will leave you the hell alone. Feel free to do the same".

The parents explained the children "still breastfeed on demand" and to "just download a video on YouTube - it's not that hard".

While most parents have rules against having friends, or boys over, these parents were totally fine with it.

"If you have any boys over, just make sure they have a dad/uncle/brother/friend that I can call later".

But the final rule is perhaps the best, reminding the carer that her kids had great imaginations; "Do not believe ANYTHING the kids tell you."

Many Twitter users were quick to comment on the unusual note - with most sure it was an elaborate prank as opposed to the work of parents who are incredibly non-traditional.

Someone questioned, "They wanted her to breastfeed their kids???"

But another was attracted to the role, "Where do I sign up for the job?"

While one reader wrote, "best parents ever, I wanna be like them when I grow up".

The boyfriend responded to the tweets that he was still confused by the note.

"We still tryna figure out if that's a joke or not."

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