Let’s all tap into non-plastic water

WHEN the nice lady from Unitywater rang, I thought I had not paid my damn bill.

That was not the reason, even though I am pretty sure I have not paid that particular bill.

Then I thought I was probably about to hear about some gross topic such as sewage treatment plants.

How wrong I was. I was about to learn about a local mission that I now really want us all to get behind.

You can help save a turtle just by drinking tap water.

No, this is not a scam based in Nigeria.

I speak the truth.

Unless you are a serial killer, I think most of us have a soft spot for our flippered friends who fight so hard as babies to flap down the beach and hopefully avoid waiting sharks.

The turtle is the cruisy underdog of the sea. Crush from Finding Nemo is one of the most loved characters of all time, duuude!

One of my happiest and earliest childhood memories is watching turtles at Pt Cartwright.

We would all sit and watch for a turtle head to bob up before ducking down again to take cover in the choppy waves off the rock wall.

But there does not seem to be as many turtle heads bobbing up and down these days.

Our poor old turtles are doing it pretty tough and our thirst for designer water is partly to blame.

One third of all sea turtle deaths in south-east Queensland waters is caused by plastic waste.

In recent years we have all become obsessed with designer water which means all those bottles are just getting thrown away. The plastic breaks up and ends up floating around our ocean where the unsuspecting animals ingest it and often die a painful death.

The bits of plastic float around the ocean like some sort of "sick soup".

Unitywater has paired up with Australia Zoo to challenge our primary school kids to reduce plastic waste by filling up their reusable bottles with tap water.

The Get Back to Tap campaign is good for us mums and dads for many reasons.

It costs on average $3 for a shop bottle of water. It costs less than 1c to turn on the tap and fill up a 600mL bottle.

Come on people. We have clean and tasty water in the tap thanks to Unitywater. The Irwin family have chosen to throw their celebrity behind this great local cause.

The Irwins run the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital which treats sick and badly injured turtles.

So come on Coasties, get behind this new campaign.

Oh, and let me bribe you. There are lots of amazing prizes on offer too.

Talk to your teacher or visit www.unitywater.com/tap.

And to the nice lady at Unitywater: the cheque is in the mail.

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