LETTER OF THE DAY: What future health system can we expect?

E.J. ASH (Daily, August 23) claims most pensioners will be able and happy to pay the proposed GP co-payment, and that the co-payment is required to overcome the "long-standing abuse of the bulk-billing system".

E.J. Ash provides no facts or evidence to support either contention beyond "what this part-pensioner" thinks.

As compelling as E.J. Ash's opinion is, if the point at issue is the expectation our community can have of the future health system, why not have that debate?

Or if the question is the level of pension support to be provided across the community, then have that discussion.

Of course, discussion of these big issues requires a credible vision and considered priorities and options, which suggests either discussion won't happen soon, particularly as vision isn't in the LNP lexicon. Just as well, as it has repeatedly demonstrated a spectacular inability to sell and deliver the simplest "heating to the eskimos" idea.


Battery Hill