LETTER: My info superhighway is more like a dirt track

TOO SLOW: Marcus Tiver lives in the middle of the Sunshine Coast but can't get decent internet.
TOO SLOW: Marcus Tiver lives in the middle of the Sunshine Coast but can't get decent internet. Tobi Loftus

I LIVE at Towen Mountain, less than seven kilometres from Nambour and five kilometres from Woombye, right in the middle of the Sunshine Coast.

My internet speed has slowed considerably over the last 12 months until it is so ridiculously slow that it's not worth having.

I've been experiencing internet speeds as low as 0.1Mbps and for most of the time between 0.5Mbps and 1.5Mbps - too slow for continuous streaming.

From conversations with people in our area, it seems that everyone is experiencing the same problem.

I've done some research and the only opportunity to get faster internet in our area is through Sky Muster Satellite, which is double the cost of Fixed Wireless and only delivers 50GB per month. This not an option for me when people two or three kilometres away are getting the NBN with unlimited download for an affordable price, either with Fixed Wireless or Fibre to the Node (FTTN).

It doesn't make sense to me that we live in a first world country, 100 kilometres from our capital, in a highly populated area of 300,000 people, yet we have such a bad internet service, and for some of us it doesn't look like it's going to improve.


Towen Mountain

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