NOT FAIR: One reader says Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison's budget is not fair.
NOT FAIR: One reader says Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison's budget is not fair. DEAN LEWINS

Dear ScoMo: You push up taxes then call this fairness?



Stop the rip off

MR MORRISON says the budget is fair.

The Medicare levy is up, uni fees are up, penalty rates have been cut for some workers then there is a $50 billion tax break for big businesses which will end up costing $65 billion and nothing in the budget for workers or pensioners except taxes going up.

Well his fairness and mine are a little different.

I might be able to help lower the deficit or put money back in the pot with Mr Pitt's help.

I was wondering what retired politicians receive in the way of handouts and extravagant pensions when leaving politics?

As a taxpayer I think we all have the right to know where our money goes.

I have read where politicians receive a $260,000 pension and we are still giving handouts to retired prime ministers.

As Mr Morrison is all about being fair, I would imagine that all Australian pensioners should be treated the same as politicians.

If working Australians aren't why shouldn't politicians receive the amount that all age pension receive as long as they are means tested and are eligible for it?

Maybe the extravagant amount politicians get can go into reducing the deficit or the budget and give the pensioners a pay rise.

I would like Mr Pitt to take this motion to parliament for me.

I propose that we stop politicians receiving golden handshakes or getting extravagant pensions when they leave politics.

Australia can't afford paying these enormous pensions and handouts.

I know that I will have Mr Pitt's support, or would I?

$270 a night to spend a night in own house?

Come on, Mr Pitt, be the first politician to stand up for Australians and say enough is enough.

Politicians can not keep ripping Australians off.

Ron Stallan



Best and worst?

HAVE we seen the best and worst of humanity?

Yes, for years now we have been watching to see the best of humanity struggle to win the fight of human souls, and have found the world incredibly vibrant and have struggled with devastation.

There is no question that the world needs help and we must focus on the question, "Have we lost anything?"

We often write about technology transforming the way we relate to one another.

It is the powerful new mediums that have changed the way we perceive the world.

Telephone, television and internet have done that in ways we are still processing.

Technology itself is a tool, neither right nor evil.

It's all in how we use it.

Now we have seen a marked change in people's attitudes.

For me, I'm concerned by the increasing role of corporations and institutions in the world today, that make easy access to Twitter, Google, Facebook, smart phone and internet.

I believe we don't necessarily have to accommodate this technology.

Just because something is technologically feasible, and part of a business plan, doesn't mean it is a good thing to allow a citizen to keep our entire lives relentlessly in focus for everyone, forever.

An apology from those businesses and companies would be a start to show some humility.

Our priorities seem to have become inverted.

The priorities of parents today seem to be a large house, new cars, and expensive holidays.

What the world needs is a father and mother who care to discipline their children and teach the light and love of Jesus.

In general, the whole course of his life and ministry - his revealing God and his will for us.

Setting up his kingdom among men, reforming the world, destroying Satan's kingdom, restoring fallen men to his primitive purity and putting love of God and of one another into men's hearts. He said when he died: "It is finished".

It was all from the first to the last.

A work worthy of God, all he said and did was holy and heavenly and a divine purity, power, and grace shone in its proving abundantly that he was sent by God.




1080 Concern

I HAVE just seen online the concern of Bundaberg residents at the use of 1080.

Here in New Zealand, 1080 is a controversial subject also and has been for decades as successive governments persist

in aerial dropping tonnes of 1080 toxic baits over public lands in the mistaken belief it will kill predators that prey on other life such as native birds.

The crazy irony is the poison kills birds too.

Ironic too is the 1080 allows surviving fast-breeding rats in 3-4 years, to explode in number to four times original numbers.

Worse still it is an ecosystem poison killing insects and invertebrates, often the food of birds among them the iconic kiwi.

In 1927, 1080 was developed as an insecticide but was found to kill anything that ingests it.

The NZ government, which boasts of "100% pure" and "clean and green" is guilty of extensive ecosystem damage and gross misspending of public money.

It is an extremely cruel poison taking many hours, often two days to kill.

Any creature goes through agonising death throes.

My advice to the Bundaberg Regional Council is don't use it.


Marlborough NZ

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