Noosa Waters canals in the beautiful Noosa, jewel of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Noosa Waters canals in the beautiful Noosa, jewel of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Patrick Oberem

Letter to the editor

Don't rates cover our Airbnb tenants?

GOD bless those who think that the $21,000/month house rental would be available for affordable housing.

Consider the owners of these properties do pay rates (the $21,000 property no doubt pays more than the average property), so any council services used by these Airbnb tenants have actually been paid for, and don't need to be paid for again.

The usual suspects with a left lean also complain that expensive houses are left vacant for large periods of the year. And yet when attempts are made to rent them for short periods, there are more complaints.

Never mind the money spent by the tenants and the retail and hospitality jobs created, let's just complain and claim rates have not been paid etc.

I know several single mothers who make ends meet by Airbnb.

What capitalist pigs for doing this; let's tax them!

How about we let people decide what is best for them in a property they own or rent (renters are often subject to Airbnb restrictions) and everyone else can mind their own business, and the councillors can look to spend ratepayers' money more wisely, rather than cast the tax net wider.


Noosa Heads

Short stays help

NOOSA Council is "concerned” about the lack of long-term rental properties in the shire due to businesses like Airbnb (NN 18-08).

The problem? Noosa ratepayers are subsidising tourism and council services as a result. Duh! We already do that anyway.

Nearly every weekend in this part of the Sunshine Coast there is some sort of event/festival happening that puts pressure on services and available rentals regardless.

Who really benefits from NSC's push with Tourism Noosa to make this town the "festival capital of the southern hemisphere”? - the big end of town along Hastings St, Tourism Noosa and the all the resorts along the strip down to Peregian Beach.

We, as ratepayers, see little or no benefit from these events other than to give up the place we loved so much when we first came to live here.

So much so that when another event or festival looms large on the calendar, many local people plan to get out of town to miss the congestion of people, cars, amenities etc, or just plain hibernate in our homes to avoid the pain of moving around town should we need a litre of milk or a loaf of bread.

But here's a thought. What if we could get out of town for a weekend, or even a week or more, avoid the crowds and create income as well?

We are providing accommodation that is always in short supply come festival/event times, boosting tourism numbers and profits and putting a smile on the faces of all local business owners associated with hospitality.

Well, you guys started it, didn't you? Isn't this what you wanted for Noosa? Events every weekend, everybody making money in "paradise”, including the ratepayers who fund the services for all this.

A win-win, isn't that what it's all about?

Apparently not. The NSC isn't getting their cut. Landlords in the long-term rental game are watching the goal posts change and free enterprise rears its ugly head once again.

Let's penalise the cash cow one more time - the taxpayer, the ratepayer, the business owner who came up with the idea of Airbnb, or Uber, or solar energy.

How many times will you "go the well”, along with your state and federal counterparts, and make people pay for a great idea and business opportunity because you didn't see it coming?

Do you want to be the first council after de-amalgamation to solve this problem pro-actively or just be another council that screws locals from the other side of the tracks to balance your books?

By the way, I do not rent my home, Airbnb or otherwise.

I suggest you invoice the businesses that benefit from your partnership with Tourism Noosa, not those that don't.

You reap what you sow.



Airbnb not to blame

MR WELLINGTON, so one person made $21,000 from renting his property over Christmas, that does not relate to any Airbnb having an impact on housing shortage.

I have used Airbnb in Australia and overseas and most people do this by renting out a room while they are living there.

As far as using the infrastructure, I think that comment is ridiculous as most Airbnb users travel by bus or train or sometimes a hire car.

Food is not included so those users spend their money at our restaurants and our tourist venues.


Sunshine Beach

Check the pedigrees

ALL this citizenship doubt in Parliament is interfering with the necessary business needed to run the country and is being used as a smoke screen to hide a bucket-load of sins.

It all could have been sorted three weeks ago if every politician had come forward with any doubts they had and offered them to the High Court to decide.

Not suddenly, after more are caught out, put their hands up like primary school pupils and ask for a toilet break and someone to wipe their bums for them.

It's inexcusable as we are told the opportunity is there to fix any doubt when putting their names forward for selection.

This has obviously been going on for years and a High Court decision now won't wipe out past offences.

Not that it matters anyway because we the public have been conned in some way or other by different governments.

I now have doubts if the Pope is really a Catholic when asked.

We always had golden retrievers in England, which my father proudly took to shows all over the land, and some had pedigrees longer than your arm showing a father from here and a mother from there.

The judge's decision was based on their ability and presentation on the day, not on a piece of paper showing who their parents were.

Maybe that's the way to go but let's first start from scratch and check their pedigrees now it's going to High Court.

Even though a few bitzas wouldn't concern me.


Sunrise Beach

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