Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.
Coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef. Joy Ringrose

Letters to the editor

Reality a concern

ANDREW Rowley-Bates must be living in an alternative reality.

My personal experience tells me that the planet is definitely warming.

Each successive year, the previous year's heat records are being smashed.

Weather forecasters are continually telling us that we are experiencing 6-8 degrees above average days.

Having dived on the Great Barrier Reef 40 years ago, and also last year, I was dismayed at the change that has taken place in the interim.

The colourful reef that I saw in 1977, is now a ghost of its former self. Drained of colour, the sea floor is now littered with dead coral pieces.

On July 13 came the news that a trillion ton iceberg had broken off from Antarctica's Larson ice shelf.

As someone who was teaching students about global warming predictions in the 1970s, I have to say that many of those predictions are now a reality: raised snowlines, increased severe weather events, warmed oceans (causing coral bleaching, pictured), melting icecaps, and higher global temperatures.

Nature is confused, and any human with observational powers understands that the 98% of scientists who predicted these changes were right.



Get grip on reality

ANDREW Rowley-Bates says global warming isn't happening, the Great Barrier Reef is fine, and any problems will be sorted by "nature”.

But, for him to be correct, hundreds of scientific institutions around the world, and many thousands of scientists, in half a dozen different branches of science, would all have to be lying - in many different languages, in sync. So would our governments, intelligence agencies, insurance companies and armed forces.

Andrew would probably hate being called a "denier” but I don't mind if he calls me an "alarmist” - the overwhelming evidence, over many decades, gives me every reason to be alarmed.

I've checked, literally hundreds of times, on the claims of those who choose not to accept the science behind anthropogenic global warming.

On every single occasion I have, regrettably, found the evidence does not support them.

The good news is we have the means to transition to near zero emissions, and save our rapidly warming planet.

We should get a grip on reality and do just that.


Boreen Point

Ostrich syndrome

WHAT flat Earth planet is Andrew Rowley-Bates living on I wonder (NN, 1-8)?

In a classic case of ostrich syndrome he denies all the worldwide evidence of climate change and claims nature will find a balance.

Nature has never before had to cope with seven billion destructive humans, all hell-bent on using the world's finite resources in the shortest possible time.

Until we take responsibility for our own actions we will continue to be the main threat to our own survival and that of other species.


Sunshine Beach

It's everywhere

NICE to see Andrew Rowley-Bates (NN, 1-8) pontificating from the comfort of his armchair that global warming is a non-issue: "Where exactly is this happening?” he asks.

We have the answer to that question, courtesy of thousands of scientists who for decades have actually gone out there and made measurements.

The answer is that it's happening everywhere - in the atmosphere, the oceans, the ice caps. Globally.

From Andrew's lounge room, it might be difficult to see that sea levels are rising, but the measurements confirm that, yes, they actually are.

What's more, they will continue to do so, courtesy of humanity's unwillingness to curb fossil fuel use.

Noosa Council is acting responsibly in developing a Climate Change action plan, and in looking to become carbon neutral as soon as possible.


Marcus Beach

Royal nonsense

HER Royal Highness Elizabeth the Queen of England cannot take a seat as a politician in Australia's parliament because of her heritage.

But the politicians elected by the Australian community to represent them in making decisions and policies for the good of the country have to swear allegiance to her before being accepted lawfully by the Westminster system.

Something not quite right with that law. Doesn't make good sense to me.


Sunrise Beach

Cut the lights

I WAS somewhat shocked and dismayed to read (NN, 25-8) that the TMR's preferred solution for traffic problems at the Beckmans Rd-Noosa Cooroy Rd intersection is traffic lights.

I'm sure it would be the last preference of the majority of Noosa Shire residents.

There is ample room there to make a very functional, symmetrical, three exit, double lane roundabout.

If the streetlights were moved and the intersection transposed slightly southward, the job could be finished fairly quickly and result in a smooth flow of traffic.

Left arrows in the left lane and right arrows in the right lane all round?

Let's get it right this time.


Tewantin Budget Driving School

Cooroy to Noosa reduces to 80km/h

Cooroy to Noosa reduces to 80km/h

Speed limit brought down for safety

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Peregian Springs student takes top prize for brainy artwork

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Local retirement village celebrates 10 years of living

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