Life is sweet enough

SUGAR has been getting bad press lately and, apparently, for good reason.

Leading naturopath Victoria O'Sullivan warns that sugar is a health-damaging "anti-nutrient".

In large amounts, sugar is known to trigger weight gain, destroy the health of our teeth and gums, cause energy slumps, raise the risk of heart disease, affect our immune system and indirectly lead to diabetes, she says.

It can also cause premature aging because it causes a reaction in the body that triggers the production of molecules that can damage skin and organs.

To reduce your sugar intake try:

  1. Cutting down slowly on the amount you have in tea or coffee until you take it sugar free.
  2. Using a natural, not an artificial, sugar substitute like stevia.
  3. Getting your sugar fix through fresh fruit (not dried, that is sugar-laden).
  4. Going for a walk when you feel tired or irritable, rather than reaching for a sugary snack.


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