ANSWERS SOUGHT: The site of the proposed solar farm at Valdora.
ANSWERS SOUGHT: The site of the proposed solar farm at Valdora. Contributed

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READER COMMENT: ONE would think that the solar farm would be a good news story for the council and they would be keen to have the ratepayers onside not upset by lack of information.

Prior to the developer making application to the council a meeting was held between the developer and residents worried about the effect on their homes.

At this meeting it was stated that only about half of the property was to be a solar farm, the rest to be planted with trees that would not only screen the farm from the hill but could be used for biofuel and be another source of income.

We were also told that the development depended on the rebate of carbon credits and the Energex energy price that could be negotiated. I came away from that meeting with the impression that the developer was looking to on sell the development as they did not have the finances.

We now find it owned by the council and by the look of the plan we have seen, the business will be cash negative for 11 years. Our mayor informs us that he has a new business plan but will not release it. Why not? Are we going to be hit with a solar farm levy?

It seems the attitude of the council is vote us in, pay your rates but don't ask how we spend your money.

I am of the opinion that we need an administrator appointed to the council as they are not responsive to the ratepayers


Maroochy River