Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. (Picture, John Gass)
Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. (Picture, John Gass)

Local COVID-19 case leads to call for exemption changes

PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk will call for consular officials to undertake hotel quarantine after a man returning from Afghanistan became Toowoomba's first COVID-19 case in four months.

The man, in his 20s, was able to travel from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast, and then to Toowoomba, where he is now in home quarantine.

The man's wife is also in self quarantine.

"We had a situation where a gentleman flew into Sydney and transferred to the Sunshine Coast," the Premier said on Monday morning.

"I'm going to raise this in National Cabinet, as now is the time for overseas travellers to go into mandatory hotel quarantine.

"There have been some exceptions, but the time is not right for those exemptions."

Ms Palaszczuk said the community did not need any risks at the moment.

"We're dealing with a global pandemic," she said.

"If we can close off any of those loop holes, it'll keep people safe.

"My job is to keep Queenslanders safe."

There were zero new cases in Queensland overnight.

Currently, there are 12 active cases and 7482 tests were conducted in the past 24 hours.

"This week is very crucial and we want people to come forward to get tested if they have symptoms," Ms Palaszczuk said.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said she encouraged everyone to download the COVIDSafe app.

"It means if you come into contact with someone who is positive it means you can be told much more quickly that you've come into contact with that person." Dr Young said.

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