Standing for Noosa Council is local journalist Alan Lander.
Standing for Noosa Council is local journalist Alan Lander.

Newsroom to the chamber: Journo's crack at council

NOOSA journalist Alan Lander has announced his candidacy as a councillor with a promise to manage inevitable change while working to preserve the area's enviable lifestyle.

The Lake Macdonald resident and former Noosa News scribe has put his hand up to help find ways for council to better communicate to ratepayers ways to speed up diversification of the local economy.

Mr Lander's aim is to future-proof Noosa against downturns in its "signature industries" and to ensure "one of the major growth areas of the shire under the population cap - the hinterland, and Cooroy in particular - is properly supported".

"I love Noosa Shire and have done since I moved here 18 years ago," he said.

"Like so many, I don't want it to change, but it's fanciful to think things can remain completely the same, when we see such turbulence around the world and upheaval in the way we work and what we do for work, and other life changes forced upon us all.

"To me, the key is to carefully manage change in the way that preserves as much as possible about Noosa's way of life, yet allows us to evolve to meet 21st century challenges."

Mr Lander said the goal should be to ensure the Noosa Shire is the best place to manage this change.

"Indeed, let's show everyone else how managing this works best."

Mr Lander said Noosa Shire's biggest edge is that it is "one of the most liveable places in the world".

As a reporter he has covered the Sunshine Coast Council round for the Sunshine Coast Daily and then worked for former Noosa mayor Bob Abbot as a media officer when "Big Bob" took charge of the newly amalgamated Sunshine Coast Council.

He also worked for Mayor Mark Jamieson in both his mayoral and economic development portfolio roles.

Mr Lander has previously worked in a small private recruitment consultancy specialising in staffing for international banks for nine years.

He said under his direction the business grew from one Sydney office with six people, to seven offices across Australia employing more than 50, with a turnover of more than $30 million.

He has lived and worked in London, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and worked in Adelaide and Perth.

His website is or he can be contacted at Facebook/alanlanderfornoosa.

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