Locals say town becoming 'dump'

There are a hole lot of problems in Eumundi.

Some residents of the picturesque hinterland town believe the holes – which they say they are forced to dodge on their footpaths and roads – have become so bad, they have begun referring to their beloved slice of the Sunshine Coast as a “dump”.

“There are no decent footpaths for us,” long-term resident Doreen Cunnington said. “We asked the council over two years ago to extend the footpath so people would be safe. We even offered to pay for it ourselves.

“They said it would be $8000 and we were quite prepared to pay that, but that was two years ago and nothing has been done.

“The roads are in such a bad state it is ridiculous.

“There is a great big gutter in Memorial Drive. Pacey Street is in a bad condition. There is a big hole there, which I have fallen in to.

“The market people use our town and yet we get nothing.

“It is becoming a dump and everyone is noticing that.”

Mrs Cunnington has been a member of the Eumundi District Community Association for more than two-and-a-half decades and has lived in the town for almost 60 years.

She and her neighbours feel as though their concerns are falling on deaf ears.

“When you get older you are practically ignored and it is like we don’t have a say in our own town,” she said.

Not true, says councillor Paul Tatton, who shares council representation of Eumundi with Vivien Griffin.

“Eumundi is not forgotten, that is for sure,” Mr Tatton said. “Council is aware of the footpath and road potholes and ... is working to the best of their ability to have their potholes repaired.

“But it is a huge region now and it takes time.

“Council has assessed where the highest priorities in the region are and staff are making their way to all the areas which need attention.

“We are aware of the issues in Eumundi and we are working towards repairing them.”

Mr Tatton said there were also plans to extend the footpaths and he and Ms Griffin were in discussions with the chamber of commerce to address the issue.

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