SUPPORTING OTHERS: Brave Aleta Bon ready to go close to the razor’s edge.
SUPPORTING OTHERS: Brave Aleta Bon ready to go close to the razor’s edge. Contributed

Long locks to go in support of leukemia shave for a cure

TRIPS to the hospital with a sick child for Eumundi mum of two Aleta Bon was all the shock treatment she needed to finally let go of one of the things she cherishes the most - her long, reddish-brown hair.

Aleta had been thinking of shaving her head for the Leukemia Foundation's Shave for a Cure for ages, but a few recent visits to the local emergency department with her young son has taken her finally to the razor's edge.

"Our youngest child is very active and has been to hospital a few times in some recent distressing experiences, and my heart has really gone out to families who have to spend a lot more time in hospital than we ever have," Aleta said.

"We heard a lot of screaming kids, with stressed parents, who were focused on trying to get them well and healthy, but their children were scared and didn't understand what was happening.

"It got me thinking each time, that there are families that have to go through this every week, sometimes every day, and the parents have to watch their babies being put through so much to try and save their life or give them a better quality of life. My hair is such a small thing to give up in comparison."

Aleta says losing it is a small sacrifice to make compared to families who have leukaemia "thrust upon them."

"Having my head shaved is going to be a bit of a shock, but I'll get over it and it will grow back," she said.

Even though the idea of shaving her head had been planted years ago, Aleta said she hopes her shaved head will signal a show of solidarity for the kids, teenagers and adults undergoing cancer treatment who also "stand out and get looked at" due to not having any hair.

"I understand that a lot of people right now have demanding financial situations and might find it difficult to afford to give, but even the smallest amount they can contribute will help families that are in need. I would be thrilled to raise $5000."

Aleta admits she'll shed some tears when the razor comes out.

"I think I'll cry a bit and feel overwhelmed with emotion when I lose my long hair, but also I'll feel proud and happy to have done what I could for other families in a tough situation."


Brave Shave morning tea at Pomona Community House, 9.30-11am this Friday, March 14. All are welcome (gold coin donation).

To support Aleta with a donation go to - http://my.leukaemiafoun

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