"Store closing down, large posters in the window. Weeds are already growing in the forecourt." onfilm

Long-standing shops closing within weeks of each other

THREE long-standing Noosa businesses have announced their closure within weeks of each other.

Following the closure of Written Dimension this week, Noosa Junction shops Sketa and I Cherry Shoe will also shut after decades of trading.

Clothing shop Sketa has operated for 27 years, while I Cherry Shoe is in its 10th year of business this year.

Tewantin Bendigo Bank relationship manager John Hague said the small business market in Noosa was booming, but some businesses were following a global trend of brick and mortar retail outlets becoming obsolete.

"There'll be certainly businesses out there that may have been around 10 years that have been affected (by online shopping),” Mr Hague said.

"If a business can't evolve and they're selling a product people don't want to buy, that could not always mean that it's the economy within Noosa. It's a national, global thing.

"Sometimes you can have a fantastic business that's run really well for the last 10, 15 years, but the demographic's changing.”

Mr Hague said booming industries in the region included construction, health and tourism, as well as new-age hospitality ventures.

"If you look at overall growth, we're seeing that it's been increases, especially in the areas of tourism and construction,” he said.

"Construction is the largest industry in Noosa. It was in decline, it's now shot through the roof.

"Research is really important when you're opening a new business. I've seen nothing but growth in those businesses that the public still want to utilise.”

Mr Hague said the latest change impacting the economy is a move towards ethical consumerism.

"It's the biggest thing on people's minds - 'now I have choice, what am I going to choose?',” he said.

"Community and ethical behaviour is very strong, especially in the new generations.”

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