PRIORITY: About $8 million for roadworks has been set aside in the Noosa Council budget.
PRIORITY: About $8 million for roadworks has been set aside in the Noosa Council budget. Geoff Potter

Major budget savings found by Noosa razor gang

BUDGET savings worth hundreds of thousands of dollars have been found by Noosa Council staff through repricing, as part of ongoing commercial contract reviews.

Mayor Noel Playford says "staff are looking at all the contracts and there are thousands of contracts".

"We carried out service reviews of council operations with savings of $365,000 a year," he said.

Cr Playford said there had been a $125,000 insurance contract saving simply because "a staff member went and screwed arms".

As well the library has saved $30,000 on power, and slashing middle-management numbers also led to salary savings.

"We have more people making decisions and I think we end up with better decisions because of it because things aren't going backwards and forwards," the mayor said.

The council also will meet three financial-sustainability ratios that are applied by the State Government and the Queensland Treasury Corporation "for the whole 10 years".

"We are in a fine position," the mayor said.

Cr Playford said the $23 million capital works program this year would include $8 million for sealing roads, $2.5 million for bridges, $2.3 million for drainage and $1.8 million for pathways.

The mayor said the works program would "probably be around that size for a number of years" before easing off so council could look to spend its revenue in other areas

"But if you let your assets run down then you're creating a problem and people have to fix it up in the future," he said.

He said local roads reached a stage where if they were not resealed they started to fall apart and "you've got to rebuild them".

"It costs you more money. There's a right time to do it and it hasn't been done properly in recent years because there hasn't been enough money put into that area," Cr Playford said.

"We'll pour the money into it for a few years until we've got them back to scratch."

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