A MAN has inadvertently live streamed his own murder on Facebook after an attacker opened fire on him near a university campus in North Carolina. 

Prentis Robinson was recording himself walking down Jerome Street near Wingate University on Monday morning when a gunman approached and fired four bullets at him. The video of his murder has been watched nearly 50,000 times, despite Facebook removing the original recording and flagging new uploads.

During the video, the man can be heard telling his assailant "you're live, you're live", while pointing the camera in his direction. The suspect then begins shooting, causing the victim to drop his phone. The gunman was captured on video walking over Mr Robinson and the camera as he fled.

Police were called but could not save Mr Robinson's life and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The university and surrounding schools were placed on lockdown.

Police identified the alleged shooter as Douglas Colson, and issued a warrant for his arrest. He is described as black, wearing a blue and black coat and brown Timberland boots and was last seen near the scene of the murder.

No arrests have so far been made. It is not known whether the two men knew each other.

Sources have told Fox 46 that Mr Robinson had been exposing suspected drug dealers in his neighbourhood on Facebook, with family members saying that he would sometimes help police find drug suppliers.

According to the Charlotte Observer, the victim had just visited the nearby Wingate Police Department about his missing mobile phone when he was attacked.

Mr Robinson, who was in his 50s, could be heard talking about wanting to relocate to Atlanta, just seconds before he died.

Wingate University has since resumed normal operations, but with a heightened police presence on site.

When contacted by The Independent, Wingate Police Department was not available for comment.

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