AMAZING ESCAPE: Paramedics stretcher the victim to a waiting ambulance.
AMAZING ESCAPE: Paramedics stretcher the victim to a waiting ambulance. Iain Curry

Drunken man survives four-storey fall

A DRUNKEN man will have more than just a headache this morning after miraculously surviving a four-storey fall.

The 41-year-old man was moaning and disorientated as he lay on the pavement of the Bayview Harbourview Apartments pool complex at Mooloolaba after falling more than 12 metres from a balcony about 3.30pm.

Witnesses say a metal pool chair that took the brunt of the impact may have saved his life.

The chair collapsed but the man, who landed on his back on the pavement, was largely uninjured.

Greg Reading and his wife, who live next door to the complex, heard what they described as yelling and swearing, followed by a loud "thud" and then screams for someone to call an ambulance.

Dr Reading, a GP, rushed to help but ambulance officers were quick to attend.

"He was completely conscious, lying there on his back swearing and in a daze. He didn't really seem to know what was happening," Dr Reading said.

"The place was very loud because they'd all had been drinking and they were fairly disorderly, but I didn't hear a significant specific argument.

"But he is so lucky, it is just unbelievable.

"He could move all his limbs, there were no external injuries and he wasn't bleeding anywhere.

"I'd say that chair significantly broke his fall."

Queensland Ambulance Service senior operations supervisor Michael Riordan said the man had some pain to his pelvis and hip. The true extent of his injuries was discovered when the man was examined in hospital. He has some broken ribs, cracked vertabrae and ruptured spleen.

"He was very lucky, that's for sure."

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