Puddling Lane Queensland Christmas puddings.
Puddling Lane Queensland Christmas puddings. CONTRIBUTED

Market-goers are gobbling up the Christmas puddings

THE SMELL, the feel and, of course, the flavour.

What Christmas would be complete without a traditional Christmas pudding or log?

Originally begun as a home-based family business, Pudding Lane Queensland has continued to grow and has become one of Australia's finest producers of the traditional boiled-in-the-cloth Christmas pudding.

As well as using a prize-winning family recipe, the puddings are made with the finest of 100% Australian vine fruit and select ingredients and even marinated in oaked Australian brandy from the Barossa Valley.

Queensland stockist Allison Wilson will have the Pudding Lane products for sale at the Caloundra Street Fair on December 18 and said she was excited to share this wonderful traditional fair with visitors.

"This is my cousin's business and Pete and I were more than happy to become a part of representing the company in Queensland over 10 years ago now,” she said.

"This recipes tastes almost as good as 'grandma's', and it brings back happy family memories for many.

"It adds to the flavour the fact that we do not use any artificial flavours or preservatives in our puddings and no mixed peel.

"Christmas pudding is a tradition that has been passed down over the years, and is simply part of Christmas and really a beautiful way to end your meal because people look forward to their pudding.”

Allison and Pete have found that people are now more inclined to buy a readymade pudding rather than make it themselves, especially given the fact that many of us are time-poor at this time of year and the cost of the ingredients can be substantial.

"Here, they can buy a quality pudding they know will taste great on the day,” Allison said.

"We sell quite a few to individuals who are looking for a special gift for someone.

"We also supply corporate gifts for companies - a great way to thank staff, clients for their support over the year.”

Visitors to the Caloundra Street Fair are definitely proving to be fans of the Pudding Lane flavours, with Allison and Pete coming back each year for more than 10 years.

"We look forward to our visits because the market has a charm about it, lots to see and there is always a friendly atmosphere here,” Allison said.

"We enjoy our visits to the markets, meeting new people catching up with stall owners from year to year because it is a community spirit of sorts.

"Pudding Lane hopes to add a touch of gourmet magic to the Christmas tables of Queensland and indeed Australia. A list of our venues from now until Christmas are on our Facebook page: puddinglaneqld.”

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