ENTERTAINING: Gary Mehigan drew a packed house.
ENTERTAINING: Gary Mehigan drew a packed house.

MasterChef tips at launch

IF EVER there was a person to pack out a restaurant it was going to be Gary Mehigan.

His popularity as a judge on MasterChef meant he pulled in 120 guests with a long waiting list who couldn't get in.

In Noosa to launch his latest book, Gary Mehigan Favourites, he was a crowd-pleaser with his chatty style and insightful food knowledge.

The questions came fast and eager around the crowded Berado's restaurant.

The cookbook has more than 100 recipes for the home cook.

Mehigan gave plenty of cooking tips and hints to help make everyday cooking at home a pleasure rather than a chore.

"Every time I cook rice or pasta at home I make a little extra to put in the fridge for another day," he told his


"That way you always have something of texture to put in a salad or soup. It's easy to plan ahead."

Interspersed in the book with the delicious recipes and sumptuous photography, are snippets to encourage you to be creative without much fuss. There are pointers to enhance even the simplest dishes and make everyone more confident in the kitchen.

These include sprinkling crispy fried shallots and garlic over stir fries and rice, or cutting veggies nice and small so they cook quickly and retain their flavour.

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