Turns out most of you McReally want home delivery

THE convenience of McDonald's home delivery would be a win for busy families, people with hangovers and mothers-to-be with cravings, according to the Daily's Facebook followers.

But almost a quarter of respondents echoed the concerns of the Cancer Council Queensland that greater access to fast foods in the home would have a negative impact on the health of Sunshine Coast residents.

McDonald's offers home delivery in Sydney and will launch the service in Hervey Bay later this month, the first Queensland city to receive it.

In Hervey Bay, home delivery will be available from 6-9pm seven days a week, with a minimum order of $25.

Of the 118 people who posted their thoughts on the Daily's Facebook page, 76% said they would welcome the service to the Coast.

"Sweet, how many lives will they save keeping the drunks off the road, good work," Garth van der Heyden wrote.

"It's not different to any other fast-food delivery service. It's if you choose to eat that type of food. And everything is OK in moderation. The good and the bad," Cass Lloyd said.

Cancer Council spokeswoman Katie Clift said the service would undermine health initiatives and potentially worsen the overweight epidemic.

While 24% agreed the temptation would be too great and lead to expanding waistlines, there were questions as to why people could not be free to decide what type of food they ate.

"I Mcthink people who Mceat McDonald's should be Mcsmart enough to Mcdecide when Mcenough is

Mcenough," Aaron Hanshaw wrote.

But before we spill too many chips over this issue, the home delivery service is not yet on the radar for the Sunshine Coast.

A McDonald's spokesman said the service would be trialled in Hervey Bay before extending to other locations.

"When determining locations for this trial, including Hervey Bay, we considered factors like the local population and the operations of the restaurant," he said.

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