TALES TO TELL: Former Prime Minister turned author John Howard launches his new book in Noosa next month.
TALES TO TELL: Former Prime Minister turned author John Howard launches his new book in Noosa next month. James Dore

Menzies was former PM’s inspiration

YOU'LL want to be in on this one.

Former Prime Minister John Howard will be in Noosa on Friday, October 3 to do lunch and dinner at berardo's restaurant & bar when he launches his new book, The Menzies Era.

After the success of his memoir, Lazarus Rising, John Howard has turned his attention to one of the most extraordinary periods in Australian history, the Menzies era, canvassing the longest unbroken period of government for one side of politics in Australia's history.

Mr Howard was the second-longest serving Prime Minister in Australia's history.

The monumental Sir Robert Menzies held power for a total of 18 years, five months and 12 days, making him by far the longest-serving Australian Prime Minister.

His second term of 16 years is far and away the longest unbroken tenure in that office, and during his second term he dominated Australian politics like no-one else has ever done before or since.

Through this era, there was huge economic growth, social change and considerable political turmoil.

Covering the impact of the great Labor split of 1955 as well as the recovery of the Labor Party under Whitlam's leadership in the late 1960s and the impact of the Vietnam War on Australian politics, this magisterial book will offer a comprehensive assessment of the importance of the Menzies era in Australian life, history and politics.

Mr Howard, only 10 when Menzies rose to power, and in young adulthood when the Menzies era came to an end, saw Menzies as an inspiration and a role model.

His unique insights and thoughtful analysis into Menzies the man, the politician, and his legacy make this a fascinating, highly significant


There is a lot to look forward to in Noosa in October.

John Howard Book Launch - The Menzies Era

Berardo's Restaurant & Bar - October 3

Lunch: Three courses and a glass of wine $59

Dinner: Four courses and a glass of wine $79

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