DUAL ROLES: Police Inspector Mike Miley volunteers as a firefighter on his days off.
DUAL ROLES: Police Inspector Mike Miley volunteers as a firefighter on his days off. Warren Lynam

Mike’s putting out fires at work and on days off

FROM fighting fires to catching crooks, Mike Miley is the sort of man you will want to have around when disaster strikes.

The 43-year-old Bli Bli man is proudly a firefighter and a police officer.

Mr Miley has worked his way through the ranks to become a Sunshine Coast police inspector, overseeing police matters north of the Maroochy River.

His also gives his time voluntarily as a rural firefighter at the Bli Bli and Districts Rural Fire Brigade.

While juggling his busy and demanding schedule in a management role in the Queensland Police Service, Mr Miley finds time to serve as a firefighter, on call.

"It's my release really," Mr Miley said.

"Everyone needs to find their niche and enjoy it and this is mine."

Mr Miley first put on the firefighter's helmet 1996 when he was stationed as a police officer in the small aboriginal community of Doomadgee in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

With the nearest fire station more than a six-hour drive away, it is common for police officers to take on dual roles in the community.

"We were often the first responders on scene and police needed those extra skills," Mr Miley said.

"We often had transportable mop-up devices to fit on the back of the utes."

After stints in other far north Queensland towns, Mr Miley eventually moved to the Sunshine Coast and continued his work with the rural fire service.

"I love the fire service because of the camaraderie between us all, even if we range in ages from 18 to some volunteers in their 70s," Mr Miley said.

"We also have that shared passion for helping the community.

"This really is a release from my permanent job and I love it."

As if his schedule wasn't busy enough, Mr Miley is also father to two teenagers and keeps busy working in his father's large Balinese-inspired garden.

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