RUN, MIMI, RUN: Mimi Mutze trains for the City2Surf run in Sydney later this year.
RUN, MIMI, RUN: Mimi Mutze trains for the City2Surf run in Sydney later this year. Warren Lynam

Mimi finds inner jogger

SHE was just 13 and on the radar to be saved by Destiny Rescue.

The not-for-profit organisation had saved a couple of her friends from potential sexual assault situations.

But they did not get to this precious girl on time.

She was raped by four men and then murdered.

Tears ran down Mimi Mutze's face as she recalled hearing the tragic news in the Destiny Rescue office at Warana last week.

"No child, no person should ever have to endure that," she said.

"It is horrible to think that this was the last thing this poor little girl knew."

Although the Destiny Rescue team save many boys and girls from sexual exploitation and human trafficking in their project nations, there are always some who slip through the safety net.

This is what drives Ms Mutze to put her body on the line each day to prepare for the 14km City2Surf run in Sydney in August.

She hopes to raise $5000 over the next six months.

Since we saw Ms Mutze two weeks ago, she has kicked her weight loss goal into high gear, met with a personal trainer and joined her first group run.

"I actually have more energy,'' she said.

"I don't want to sit down as much. I have climbed Mount Coolum twice and found I have already improved in the length of time it takes me to climb up and my recovery.

"I've got a long way to go, but I'm definitely on the right track."

Although admitting she had never really run before, the Nambour resident went along to the local Jetts Fitness Run Club on a Monday night.

"I confirmed my suspicions that I can't run fast," she said.

"But they are a great group of people and I found out that I can run further than I thought I could because I had the support of everyone there."

After a meeting with nutritionist Sheridan Williamson from Changing Habits, Ms Mutze had to scale back her training while undertaking a rapid weight loss program.


Mimi's hoping to get used to the new way of eating.

"Apparently it gets better," she said.

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