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Minister denies axing rebate

QUEENSLAND'S housing minister has denied he is axing a $10 lawn mowing rebate for elderly Queensland pensioners.

But Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said clients of the $19 million Home Assist Secure Program had received a letter saying the $10 service would cease next month.

She called on Housing Minister Bruce Flegg to explain to elderly and disabled Queenslanders why he is so mean-spirited to cut a service which helps people tend to their homes and yards.

"Now that this heartless government has axed support services for Queenslanders with a disability, funding for groups trying to educate the community on HIV and has cruelly earmarked thousands of low-income earners to kick out of caravan parks, it goes after the elderly," she said.

"And like everything else that is being slashed, there was no warning prior to the election - no brochure in the letterbox, no indication that a vote for the LNP was a vote for a giant swing of the axe.

"This is the kind of merciless behaviour that I'm sure all Queenslanders will agree is small-minded, unnecessary and will be the cause of angst for those people who not only relied on such a service because they are unable to do the job themselves, but in many cases cannot afford to pay for it themselves."

But Mr Flegg moved to assure Queenslanders there are no plans to scrap the popular Home Assist Secure service.

"Like all government programs, we want to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible," he said.

"However this is a vital service and it will continue to be fully funded."

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