Moment that Brett Cowan's time was up captured on video

THERE  was a brief moment, a particular minute, when Brett Peter Cowan's expression changed.

Surrounded by police in a clearing near a macadamia farm, Cowan was arrested in August 2011 for the murder of Sunshine Coast schoolboy Daniel Morcombe.

Detective Senior Sergeant Stephen Blanchfield was among the arresting officers, who hid behind rusting machinery and dilapidated sheds awaiting their target.

Watching a video of the dramatic arrest, Blanchfield identifies the moment Cowan realises his time is up.

"There is a particular minute, not even a minute, a time, where he does show that he knows it's all over and that it's not going well for him," Blanchfield says.

"But primarily his expression doesn't change. He showed very little emotion and he's been like that ever since."

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