More feel the pinch of rising costs

THERE has been a sharp rise in the number of people who have noticed an increase in living costs since the carbon tax came into effect on July 1.

The weekly Essential Report showed 52% of people had noticed a rise - up from 31% on July 9, a week after carbon pricing was introduced.

Worryingly for Prime Minister Julia Gillard's government, 36% of people polled reported not noticing any increase - a drop of 18% since July 9.

Essential found those most likely to have noticed an increase in costs were aged 35-54 (56%) and Coalition voters (68%).

Of the people who said they had noticed an increase in costs, 72% cited the carbon tax as the main reason for the rise.

But the bad news was not confined to the carbon tax in the Essential poll.

The Coalition enjoyed a 1% bump to its already commanding two-party-preferred lead, which now stands at 57-43%.

The primary vote of both sides remained steady, with the Coalition on 49% and Labor 32%.

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Look out for snakes

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