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More than a storm in a tea cup - just ask Old Mate

WHAT about last weekend's storm?

On Saturday at Wurtulla we got lots of lightning and thunder but nothing too bad, although we lost power from 4.30pm until 1.09am Sunday.

Then on Sunday afternoon, with the clouds building and me watching the radar, Old Mate asks me should she take the washing off the line.

Me being a weather expert, told her we would probably miss the storm as a few drops of rain hit my balding head and I looked to the skies.

As the last of the bullsh*t came out my mouth, the drops turned into torrential rain and what seemed like either 100 mile an hour winds or someone had parked a Jumbo jet in our front yard.

It was unbelievable.

In all my years on the Coast I think the only time I was really scared was in the early sixties during a really bad cyclone.

On Sunday afternoon I started to feel the same way as the hail belted down and the jumbo increased its throttle ready for take-off (or in this case take-the-roof-off) and then all of a sudden it just stopped and the sun came out.

This all happened in about 10 minutes, with me trying to broom off the back deck as it built up.

Then it was all over.

Dead set, the backyard looked like a tornado had hit it and then I ventured out the front and the jumbo had left, but a nice palm tree had landed on Old Mate's car.

The funny thing was I wasn't even cranky as I think I was relieved that we had dodged a bullet.

Now what did I learn from last weekend?

Firstly on Saturday, I learnt that maybe my son Lucas does care about us as when he found out the power was out at our place he brought some beer and wine on ice and a pizza for dinner and Old Mate and I sat on the canal and enjoyed a picnic in the dark.

It was all pretty cool.

I learnt that our bore is a great alarm clock as I turned every switch off in the house except it, so when the power was returned at 1.09am I thought someone was machine gunning me in my sleep.

On Sunday I learnt that I never, ever should listen to my own weather advice.

I also learnt never to turn my water tank overflow valve off, as that is why the deck flooded, and I learnt the blinds we bought off Sunraze Blinds are deadset made out of the right stuff.

I learnt not to park my wife's car under a palm tree in inclement weather and I also learnt, once again, that this is Queensland - anything can happen and probably will.

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