An indoor yoga studio can be somewhere for mums to get away from it all.
An indoor yoga studio can be somewhere for mums to get away from it all. FatCamera

Mothers need to make a space to call their own

Traditionally, the celebration of mothers can be traced back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who held annual festivals in honour of the mother goddesses. This was picked up by the English Christian Churches and became known as Mothering Day, the precursor of course, for what we call Mother's Day.

This got me thinking about mothers - and their personal spaces, especially in their homes. To maintain a modicum of sanity, most mothers I know strive to have at least one dedicated space to call their own. For some it's the car, for others, it's their office, but for most mothers it's somewhere closer to home.

While the man cave is a commonly accepted dedicated space for men, it seems women can miss out on their own, personal zone - that is, until they create it.

A gorgeous bathroom with a deep bath, a lush lounge in your favourite colour and fabric, a corner space in the living area, or an entire room styled to suit you - and only you. Your mum zone could even be an art studio, or outdoor setting in the garden, or even a hammock on a veranda.

If you are a mother, consider claiming a space that is just for you - your own, sanctified space. But the trick to the success of any claimed zone is to ruthlessly uphold the boundary. As most mothers know, if it's worth having, it's worth fighting for.

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