Creeping between cars: Bikers can do it in NSW, why not Qld?

MOTORCYCLISTS and scooter riders in New South Wales will soon be legally allowed to filter between stationary and slow moving lanes of traffic.

And Victoria's peak motoring body is lobbying to follow suit.

Current Queensland laws say riders must not filter between lanes irrespective of whether traffic is moving or stationary.

But advocates say by having powered two-wheeled vehicles ahead of traffic flows and removing them from the traffic mix makes sense from safety and congestion perspectives.

The RACQ's Joe Fitzgerald said many motorcycle riders already filter between lanes, and police don't usually enforce the current rules.

"By limiting filtering speeds to 30kmh and where the cars are stationary, it give motorcycles an advantage with potential congestion benefits while minimising risk and making it clear that high speed filtering in moving traffic is dangerous and illegal," he said.

Mr Fitzgerald said lane filtering differs from "lane splitting", which is generally overtaking another vehicle in the same lane while in moving traffic, which is extremely dangerous and the motor body does not support.

In a survey undertaken by the RACQ in 2008, members revealed:

  • 85% agree that changes to the road environment should be made to improve motorbike rider safety;
  • 84% believe that training/testing for novice/ inexperienced motorcyclists should be more extensive;
  • 78% support a special class of licence for moped riders, in addition to a car licence;
  • 78% agree that motorcycle riders are taking more risks on the road;
  • 88% believe that motorcyclists should not be allowed to ride between lines of traffic while vehicles are moving (lane splitting); and
  • 75% believe that motorcyclists should not be allowed to ride between lines of traffic while vehicles are stopped (lane filtering).

Should motorcyclists be allowed to move between stationary cars?

This poll ended on 06 April 2014.

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Yes, it makes sense


Yes, as long they don't scratch my car


Maybe, as long as it's safe


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