Sasha Giffard and Judy Ditter are the Mrs Fixit team
Sasha Giffard and Judy Ditter are the Mrs Fixit team

Mrs Fixits try out new tack

THESE two mature-aged women offer more than just handyman skills.

For a start, they listen to their clients, something many blokey tradespeople seem to have trouble doing.

"Many of my clients are in their later years and they often find modern technology quite baffling,” said Judy Ditter, one of the Mrs Fixit team.

"They really appreciate when you take the time to explain things clearly.

"And they are particularly grateful when you don't treat them like idiots.

"Being old doesn't equate with being stupid, and it's quite reasonable for people who haven't grown up with technology to find it intimidating.”

Sasha Giffard, the other member of the Mrs Fixit crew, said she loved it "when a person living alone feels safe enough to let me help them”.

"I can imagine how a person living alone, particularly an elderly person, can find it quite threatening to let a stranger into their house,” Sasha said.

"And there's nothing nicer than assembling furniture, hanging pictures or de-cluttering for someone when you know what a relief it is to them to have help.

"We get such wonderful feedback from our clients.

"Right now there are so many clients who don't understand what NBN is or how to organise and set it up.

"It's often a stressful exercise for some and we like to take that stress away.”

Not all clients were elderly - or female, Judy said.

"Some men don't like to ask other men for help,” she said.

"It's a product of the way we treat men and women that we all have these quirky hang-ups.

"My own husband would rather struggle with a map than ask directions of a stranger. That's just the way we are conditioned.

"So men often prefer to have a woman help them than another bloke who they feel may be judging them.

"I guess we're just providing an alternative to the more traditional IT and handyman services.

"We're not trying to take over that role, we're just adding to what's available.”

"And if our success in recent years is anything to go by, we're definitely filling an important niche,” Sasha said.

"And if your niche is broken, we can fix that too!” Judy added.

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