Mum accused of stabbing partner, cutting baby

A MOTHER cut her baby after she stabbed her partner in the back while he was holding the young child in a domestic incident in Christchurch last night, New Zealand police say.

The 23-year-old woman will appear at Christchurch District Court this morning after the incident in Barbadoes St around 7pm.

Police said the woman and the 30-year old man were involved in a domestic-related argument at the address when she used a hunting knife to stab the man in the back.

The man was holding the couple's 14-month-old son at the time and the child suffered minor cuts during the alleged incident.

The man was not seriously injured and was able to flee to a nearby address, carrying the child, and call emergency services.

Police arrived and arrested the woman at the house, where a knife was found.

Detective Sergeant Chris Power said the man and the child were both treated at hospital and discharged last night.

"It is extremely fortunate the man's injuries were not more serious," he said.

"They had the potential to be life-threatening."

The woman was held in custody overnight and will appear in court this morning facing two charges of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

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