Mum of 2 dodges jail for selling meth eight times

A MUM-of-two who sold ice and admitted to injecting it up to 10 times a day has narrowly escaped spending more time in jail.

Jodie Marie Bailey pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay District Court to eight counts of supplying the drug methylamphetamine, to different people in Torquay between October 2014 and February this year.

The mum also pleaded guilty to possessing a mobile phone used to supply the drug.

The court heard Bailey was involved with a group of people who routinely shared ice with each other and that she would inject the drug about five to ten times a day.

Bailey made a number of calls and sent messages to friends saying she could provide ice.

The calls and messages were intercepted by police during an operation targeting two other men.

Crown prosecutor Matt LeGrand said Bailey had previously been convicted of possessing cannabis, morphine, Oxycodone and ice.

"It is clear she is someone who has not embraced the rehabilitation services offered to her," he said.

"Not only do (the drugs) cause health problems but the crimes committed when under the influence."

Mr LeGrand described ice as a "particularly insidious drug".

Judge Tony Moynihan said during his sentencing it was clear the mum was not providing the drugs for profit.

But he condemned her actions.

"The drug leaves a trail of destruction and desperation in the lives it touches," he said.

He also reminded Bailey of her duty to her children.

"They need you to be drug-free," he said.

Defence barrister Paul Rutledge said Bailey, 28, grew up with a father who was a member of the Nomads Motorcycle Club and started using drugs when she was just 14.

She started using ice four years ago.

"She was a heavy user of methylamphetamine," Mr Rutledge said.

"She would share (the drug) with friends and family."

Bailey previously spent more than 100 days in pre-sentence custody and Mr Rutledge said since release she had tried to turn her life around.

He said her personal diary showed a loving mother who had even recently grounded her children for not returning home when they said they would.

Bailey's mother and father sat in the back of the court room during the sentencing proceedings.

Throughout the sentence Bailey listened attentively while clutching a tissue in her hand. Mr Moynihan sentenced Bailey to 18 months in jail with an immediate parole release date.

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