FILE PHOTO: Gladstone Courthouse, Yarroon St.
FILE PHOTO: Gladstone Courthouse, Yarroon St. Brenda Strong GLA281013CORT

Mum, if you hit another cop, you're going to jail

A GLADSTONE mum who swore at and struck a police officer has been given a stern warning by a magistrate that if she again strikes an officer she will likely go to jail.

Nicola Beaven, 47, pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to assaulting the male police officer on May 11.

Police prosecutor Gavin Reece said police were contacted at 9.55pm about a disturbance and went to her house.

They were speaking to young people at the house when Beaven arrived, rushed at the police and struck one in the left shoulder.

While he attempted to calm her and take her to a chair she again struck him in the chest.

Mr Reece said she was intoxicated and the officer had no choice but to put her on the ground.

He told magistrate Mark Morrow that she said she had a previous serious assault offence in 2015, and in 2009 had been before the district court over a serious assault of a police officer.

Lawyer Cassandra Ditchfield said Beaven had been concerned to find police in her house when she arrived home with a level of intoxication and her assault had been more like "flailing hands".

Ms Ditchfield opposed a police application for compensation for pain and suffering and Mr Morrow said there was nothing before the court to support the claim.

Ms Ditchfield said Beaven had issues with alcohol and was motivated to change.

Mr Morrow viewed a police video of the incident and said the officer's behaviour had been well restrained when Beaven kept going at him.

He told her she must address the alcohol problem and could not go around assaulting people as it did not leave the court many options other than prison.

Beaven was ordered to complete 60 hours of unpaid community service work and a conviction was recorded.

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