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My heroes are a bunch of weirdos!

EVERY now and then I like to pay homage to my heroes.

Last time it was some bloke whose name I have now forgotten.

I've also forgotten what he did to earn my admiration but I'm sure it was something really special.

The problem with my heroes is that they're a bit out of left field.

Unlikely heroes, if you like.

In fact, if I'm going to do this, I think it's about time I gave the honour a title.

How about Damian's Unlikely Heroes?

DUH! for short.

Don't worry, it'll grow on you.

Anyway, I have a new hero today ... and once again, I can't for the life of me remember his name.

But this is the bloke who got sick of his teenage daughter posting racey images of herself on Facebook and decided to take revenge.

So every time she posts a photo of herself wearing a tiny pink tank top and pouting provocatively at the camera, he slips into a tiny pink tank top and posts the same photo of himself.

My wife showed me on Facebook the other night and I almost wet myself laughing (at least I blame the laughter - age can be a cruel thing when it comes to bladders).

I have to point out that this bloke is no Brad Pitt or Liam Hemsworth.

He's probably in his 40s, more than a few kilos overweight and should have a full body wax more often than he does.

So picture that in a tiny pink tank top, pouting at the camera.

Or reclining on the lounge in a short nightie.

Or out for a run in a singlet and shorts.

Down the beach .... you get the idea.

It's a different spin on Aussie comedian Celeste Barber, who's done a series of Facebook posts in which she's taking the mickey out of the selfies posted by celebrities.

Kim Kardashian posts a provocative photo of herself showing off her bootie while wearing next to nothing - Celeste does the same.

Only Celeste hams it up so badly that you can't help but laugh.

If Paris Hilton posts a photo of herself with a poodle peeking out of her Gucci handbag, you can just about bet Celeste will post one of herself with a bulldog peeking out of her Coles shopping bag.

So I was going to announce a joint DUH! award for the bloke whose name I can't remember and Celeste Barber ... then someone in the office started talking about the new phenomenon of parents who go away for Schoolies Week with their kids.

Apparently they're called "Poolies” and while the say their intentions are to ensure their kids are safe by staying someone close by (not in the same resort but a phone call away), I reckon it's the ultimate revenge for putting up with years of teenage attitude.

So we're going to have to split the DUH! Awards more ways than usual this year. Maybe a few thousand joint recipients.

I hope you don't mind.

You'll have to take turns keeping the trophy I'm going to organise when I get around to it.

It features a photo of me in a tank top, pouting at the camera.


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