Challenge winners: Uel and Shannelle.
Challenge winners: Uel and Shannelle. Leo Photography

MKR's comeback kids: Uel and Shannelle top of the class

YOU CAN call it a comeback.

Sydney newlyweds Uel and Shannelle bounced back from yesterday's sudden death cook-off to win tonight's school lunch challenge.

The remaining 11 teams were asked to prepare a tasty but healthy lunch for 200 hungry students at Bankstown Primary School.

Clearly Gold Coast teachers Paul and Blair, food tech teacher Carly and South Australian mums Bree and Jessica had a bit of an advantage knowing what pleases children's taste buds

 "It feels like putting on an old pair of shoes," Paul said.

Blair reckoned he and Paul had a "double" advantage because they're teachers and dads.

The MKR cooks meet the kids at Bankstown Primary School.
The MKR cooks meet the kids at Bankstown Primary School. Channel 7

Cashed-up, and childless, Perth 20-somethings Chloe and Kelly didn't seem nearly as confident.

"Kids are scary, especially in packs," Kelly said.

But the well-travelled friends managed to impress the kids and judges with their nachos.

They won the Mexican stand-off against Josh and Danielle, whose beef tacos didn't pack nearly as much flavour punch as the turkey nachos.

As expected the cool, calm and collected Paul and Blair served up kid-friendly crunchy snapper with zucchini fritters.

"You managed to make fish and vegetables really attractive," judge Pete Evans said.

"My hat's off to you."

Harry and Christo are now running the risk of being labelled the slackers of the competition after they failed to make their own pita bread for their lamb pita pockets.

Children's favourites Uel and Shannelle will now have some sort of advantage going into the next challenge, while Carly and Tresne will face elimination in the next sudden death cook-off.

The usually bubbly blondes failed to impress with their pizza pinwheels.

Judge Pete Evans talking to Carly and Tresne.
Judge Pete Evans talking to Carly and Tresne. Channel 7

"Frankly it was a disappointment," judge Manu Feildel said.

"There was far too much dough and nothing else on that plate."

But the persistent optimists told the judges they hadn't seen the best of them yet.

"All I've got running through my head is Katy Perry's Roar," Carly said.

"I'm just thinking 'I've got the eye of a tiger. I'm a fighter. I'm a champion. We're champions and you're going to hear us roar'."

The MKR food truck returns on Sunday. One team from the losing group will cook off against Carly and Tresne next week.

My Kitchen Rules airs Sundays at 6.30pm and Mondays through Wednesdays at 7.30pm on Channel 7.


School lunch dishes:

Carly and Tresne - Pizza pinwheels with root vegetable chips

Harry and Christo - Lamb pita pockets with freckles

Paul and Blair - Crunchy snapper with grilled zucchini fritters

Chloe and Kelly - Turkey nachos with spelt chips and BBQ corn salsa

Josh and Danielle - Soft shell beef taco

Annie and Jason - Chicken nuggets with sweet potato chips and corn on the cob

Uel and Shannelle - Fish fingers with roast potato salad

Thalia and Bianca - Mini cottage pies with sour cream pastry

Cathy and Anna - Beef and apple sausage rolls with fruit skewers

Bree and Jessica - Potato gnocchi with cheesy Bolognese

Helena and Vikki - Chicken burgers with spinach balls

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