OPINION: My mate Marty’s just slipping away

COMMENT BY CAROLINE HUTCHINSON: IS IT just me or does everyone wonder how to say goodbye?

One of my favourite people in the whole world is about to die.

Marty Hoare, sometimes known as Marty the Mouth, is just 50.

He has three grown-up kids, four-year-old twin boys and a brand new granddaughter.

Two Sundays ago, with absolutely no warning, Marty had a catastrophic stroke.

This week, doctors told his wife, Amy, there was nothing more they could do, Marty was slipping away.

Marty coached our son Gabe at the Kawana Dolphins. He also did footy tips with Ben Ikin on Mix FM and had a stint on 90.3 Coast FM.

There are so many words to describe Marty, but I think the best is passionate.

He loves his family, John Howard, Duran Duran, Wayne Bennett, surfing, St George, The Dandy Warhols and Queensland, more than is normal.

He hates the Labor Party, TV show The Block and Gus Gould, more than is healthy.

And he's bloody funny. He's kind and loving and opinionated, completely unreasonable and sweet and generous to a fault.

He'll happily yell at me until he forgets what he's yelling about and starts laughing.

Marty has been working away most of the year. Amy works a couple of days a week but is largely at home with the twins. Money is very tight.

The only useful thing I can think of is to raise some money for Amy and the boys. I'm hopeful people will jump on board.

Through the fog of the stroke and the drugs to see him out, Marty's eyes follow Amy around the hospital room.

It's hard for me to picture a world without Marty. I can't imagine how this feels for quiet, stoic Amy.

I know Marty is worried too - there's just nothing he can do about it.

I doubt Marty has ever asked anyone for help in his life, so I'm doing it for him because I know he would do it for me and my kids.

The easiest way to donate is via The Rush Family Trust at Westpac Buddina, BSB: 034676 Acct: 302389

And just because I know he'd want it on the public record, Marty reckons the Rabbits will win the premiership.

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