Journalist Kathy Sundstrom.
Journalist Kathy Sundstrom. Warren Lynam

MY SAY: Thanks, but we are worth every cent

DON'T tell my boss this, but sometimes I really hate my job.

Like the times when bloggers take an opinion piece you've written and attack the way you look, instead of challenging the way you think.

Or when politicians tweet nasty and unsubstantiated comments about you as a person when you dared to ask a perfectly reasonable question they don't want to answer.

Or when lawyers make comments about "pesky journalists" sitting in court, writing about the actions of their clients that saw them end up before a dock.

But this week, I'm reminded why I really do love my job and why I am so grateful I get to do what I do.

In less than a day of putting questions to Centrelink about Josh Miletic's letter, reviewing his Disability Support Pension, his mum received a phone call.

It was from Centrelink and they've reviewed Josh's case and have withdrawn his need to go for a job assessment interview, and have put a permanent mark next to his name so it will never happen again.

You've got to think it's a little more than coincidence this was addressed only after our inquiries.

Josh's story is one of many where desperate people contact newsrooms because they haven't been able to get help anywhere else.

I had a heartbreaking telephone conversation with a mum of a severely disabled young man this week and, through her tears, she told me how my colleague, Bill Hoffman, meant so much to her family.

Over the years, Bill has highlighted the family's situation in the news, but more than that, he was been a much-needed ear.

Journalists have a bad name because of the thoughtless actions of a few. Most care more about the people behind the story than a sensationalistic headline.

And unlike bloggers, we have to check our sources before putting something to print.

Next time you complain you've reached the end of your free views online and have to pay less than a dollar a day for the hours of work we put out, consider what you are paying for.

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