'My show' Game Of Thrones has come long way over years

DO YOU have a TV show you are quite frankly a little too obsessed with? I do! I am the biggest Game Of Thrones tragic you could meet.

I have Google-mapped the landscape of the "The Seven Kingdoms" and wonder how the people of Westeros are coping today.

Dragons, dungeons, death and dire plots all make a potent formula for compelling drama. For me, it is a luxury to have a show to look forward to watching each week.

In my 20s, "my show" was Friends. Every Monday night my university buddies and I would sit around the TV watching Rachel and Ross sipping their lattes on the couch at Central Perk. We thought we were so grown up watching our Manhattan mates as they dated and bumbled their way through life.

Then, as I grew up, "my show" became Sex And The City. I was studying journalism and loved tutus so I thought Carrie Bradshaw and I were destined to be BFFs. It was not until much later in life I realised every girl wanted to be friends with Carrie.

But that circle of four friends on TV educated me a heck of a lot. And those four professional women all seemed to go through heart

ache, maxed-out credit cards and the giddying heights of falling in love with me. It was a decade of dating, shopping and Cosmopolitans. But there has been a gap since then until now when it comes to having my "own" show.

I spend most TV time these days with Sesame Street and Peppa Pig, so GOT is a slice of paradise to escape reality each week - a show where I allow myself to sit and not feel guilty that I am not being productive.

I spend chunks of the weekend waiting for Monday afternoon to finally tick around when a new episode airs. My paranoia sets in as I check the TV show is actually recording. Then I go about getting the chores done and dinner cooked and the kids put to bed so my husband and I can sit down together and have our hour of bliss.

GOT is a horribly violent show, filled with nudity and incest and orgies and slaying of women and children. Usually I would detest such a show. But the characters! The characters are so rich and complex and layered and confused that you cannot help but think about them long after the credits of each episode air.

Having your own TV show is such a simple guilty pleasure. The only thing that can top it is watching your own special show while eating ice cream and wearing worn-in ugg boots. Oh bliss!

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