Damian Bathersby
Damian Bathersby Warren Lynam

Naked truth of those big winds

I THINK it's safe to say I am a creature of habit.

The alarm goes off at 5.30am every morning and at 5.31am I make some grumbling excuse about why I won't be going for a run (looks like rain; too windy; didn't sleep well), hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.

I always put my socks on before my pants (I have idea why) and my right shoe goes on before my left (only logical).

I give myself 15 minutes to drive to work and take a three-minute break at lunchtime to eat a small tin of tuna and a hard-boiled egg.

I shower twice a day and each time it takes exactly 4mins30secs.

I know that because after 53 years on this planet - the last 50 of them washing myself - I do it the same every time.

From head to toe, every body part gets exactly the same treatment.

This story would have no point except that at 5.45pm last Sunday, I was 1min43sec into my shower when two massive gusts of wind rocked our unit in Mooloolaba.

It felt like a truck had hit the building and I paused mid-scrub, half expecting the roof to come flying off.

It didn't ... and I resumed scrubbing.

About 15 seconds later the power went off, again forcing me to falter in my scrubbing routine.

I know now, of course, that was the moment the same gusts of wind tore through apartment blocks about 500 metres away.

Of course, I didn't know that at the time and resumed my showering, in the dark and a little out of sorts.

I was even more out of sorts a couple of hours later when the power was still out and I was forced to go to bed without any dinner.

I know that sounds insensitive but we had no idea the damage that had been done nearby.

"The poor buggers - it could easily have been us," I said to my wife when we heard the news the next morning.

"It would have been much worse if it was us," she responded.

I was about to tell her that she was being heartless but then she finished her thought.

"Imagine if our roof and walls had blown off with you standing in the shower stark naked," she said.

"You would never have recovered from having your showering routine interrupted and half of Mooloolaba would have been traumatised by the sight of you standing naked in the shower.

"Let's be honest, nobody deserves to see that."

I take it back, maybe she is she is heartless.

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