Police furious as P-plater caught texting while driving

A P-plater has been fined for driving while texting on her mobile phone, despite initially denying it.

Police were patrolling Nambour streets by motorbike on Monday morning when they came across the P1 licence holder after allegedly observing her texting whilst driving. 

The driver initially denied the use of the phone but after police inspected the phone it was clear she had been texting while driving.

A police spokesperson said it was clear from the contents of the message that the driver was well aware of the risks however chose to continue driving whilst texting.   

The driver is now down $353 after police issued a traffic infringement notice for driving whilst using a hand held mobile phone. She will also lose three demerit points.  

With the statewide Road Safety Week commencing today, Nambour Road Policing Unit are frustrated with young drivers across the Sunshine Coast.

It seems that the message is not getting through to some drivers in relation to the use of mobile phones whilst driving, a Nambour police spokesperson said.  

Distracted drivers are deadly drivers in Queensland

Taking your eyes of the road for just one second can have devastating consequences.

In 2013, driver distraction contributed to 19 fatalities and 1,343 hospitalised casualties on Queensland roads.

However, the true extent to which distractions (including mobile phone usage), contributes to road crashes is likely to be higher because drivers will not necessarily admit when reporting a crash to police that they were distracted when a crash occurred.

Despite the dangers and illegality, approximately 76% of Queenslanders use their mobile phone illegally in the car.

Stay focused

  • In the car, switch your phone to silent so you're not tempted.
  • Keep your phone out of sight. Consider placing it in the glove box.
  • Pull over safely before grabbing your phone or GPS.


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