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Opinion: Noosa needs to stand up for nudists rights

DEFEND your rights as Naturist print and laminate and carry it with you to the beach. Benjamin-law.com/queensland-raw-nude-beaches/


After Kenneth Wenzel was charged in 2005, his case was brought before the Maroochydore Magistrates Court in 2006 for a summary trial.

During the hearing, the two plain-clothed male police officers-Constables Chad McAlister and Chenar Paterson-said they had been offended by Wenzel's nudity.

McAlister added he was also disgusted by Wenzel's rainbow toe nail polish. The magistrate said the prosecution had proved its case and fined Wenzel $75.

Wenzel appealed. For him, it was never an option to simply shut up and pay the fine and give up, even if the fight would end up cost him more in legal fees.

"Oh, but no: the principle!" Wenzel says. "The sheer principle!"

In 2008, Wenzel took the case to the Brisbane District Court. His solicitor, Paul O'Shea, felt confident about grounds for an appeal, and would argue the magistrate at Maroochydore Magistrates Court had offered no definition to the words "wilful" or "exposure".

Kenneth says he went to the Brisbane appeal expecting, and knowing, he would win. He was right.

On 28 April 2008, Kenneth Wenzel listened keenly as Magistrate Barry Barrett was about to deliver his final verdict.

But before Barrett handed down his ruling, he had one more thing to add, saying he could not leave this case without raising one final question.

"Is this a state," he asked, "that on the one hand, allows nudity in large numbers on some beaches? For example, Alexandria Bay, Noosa, and, in particular, the so-called Nude Olympics?

Does this state allow that to go unchallenged by police intervention yet, on the other hand, seeks out elderly nude males, partially concealed by vegetation on semi-secluded beaches-for example, Third Bay, Coolum-and lays charges against those individuals for alleged criminal conduct?

If the answer is 'yes', and I feel it is, this Court shall not be party to such patent victimisation and double standards."

The charges were dismissed. Senior Constable Chad McAlister was ordered to pay $2000 in costs within two months.

What, exactly, did Wenzel get out of the win in the end?

"Justice," he says. "The law is wrongly written."

MR. Stevens,"tell this to the councils"


Courier Mail 22-08-14 Front page : reserve bank governor Glen Stevens: We call on businesses to find animal spirit and stop being risk averse saying the RBT Had done all it could to the growth. , we need to fire up other engines of growth.

Queensland entrepreneurs and businesses must smash the caution As a nation, Australian households, business and politicians need to stop waiting for someone else to fix their problems and get out there, spend, invest and hire.

The Reserve Bank has reached the limits of what it can do with lower interest rates to revive the animal spirits of capitalism. As Stevens said this week: "I have allowed the horse to come to the water of cheap funding. I cannot make it drink."

Congratulations to the lucky 35 mil Lady. I just hope, that this Lady uses some of this MIRICAL funds to create WIN /WIN situations for Noosa and surrounds.

Forming a small body from all walks of life, not just with self-centered egomaniacs. There are 5 major points my customers always agreed on, but when it comes to ACTION? No one moves. WHY?


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