Peter Wellington at his Sunshine Coast home. FILE PHOTO
Peter Wellington at his Sunshine Coast home. FILE PHOTO Warren Lynam

Peter Wellington returns to former high school

Noosa District State High School Year 11 Social and Community Studies students shared their last lesson of the term with special guest speaker past NDSHS student Hon Peter Wellington.

The Independent Member for Nicklin spoke to the students about some of the changes he has observed at the school, and how much it has grown since he left in Year 10, before he joined the police force.

Mr Wellington reassured many of the students who still don't know what they want to do after graduation, that they still have plenty of time to figure out their lives.

"I wouldn't have believed it if you told me when I was at Noosa District that I would be in Parliament one day. The thought never crossed my mind," Mr Wellington said.

The students were advised by Mr Wellington to stay in school and complete Year 12, as this is something he wishes he did.

"Education is so important. People with education are empowered and have a voice," Mr Wellington said.

The Year 11s were urged to write letters or emails Mr Wellington and the local council about issues they felt passionately about in their community, with a few students expressing concerns over the dangerous intersection on the Cooroy railway bridge.

"Letters from students are often taken more seriously than those written by adults, because, sadly, it is rare that we hear from young people," Mr Wellington said.

Mr Wellington assured the class that traffic lights were being considered and were the most likely option for the dangerous intersection in Cooroy as they would be cheaper and less disruptive than a roundabout.

The students found Mr Wellington's presentation to be interesting and he challenged many who had viewed all politicians as being unfriendly and unapproachable.

"He made us feel like we're important and that we have a voice, even if we're not old enough to vote yet," Year 11 student Reece Cody said.

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