NDSHS Year 12 students' farewell
NDSHS Year 12 students' farewell

NDSHS Year 12 students' farewell

Noosa District State High School Year 12 students completed the final day of their transition program, which included a personal account on travel safety, an overall grade check, a formal parade and a relaxed afternoon with a barbecue and swim in the pool.

Kate Fitzsimons delivered an emotional presentation to the students about her sister, Nicole who was tragically killed at 24 years of age in a motorcycle accident in Bali.

Nicole Fitzsimons was a rising star, having recently secured the position as a presenter on Channel Nine's Footy Show.

Kate was notified at 3am in the morning about the death of her sister, and her life was forever changed from that moment on.

"I have channelled all my time and energy in telling Nicole's story and travelling the country, in the hope that I can get through to some young people about the importance of understanding the place you are visiting, especially their culture, customs and laws and risks of overseas travel," Kate said.

The students were told that if they cannot afford travel insurance, they should not consider travelling overseas.

"It's not worth the risk," Kate said.

Overall grades across all subject areas were disseminated to the students by Senior School Deputy Principal Stacey Daveson, before the students attended their final senior formal parade, which was run by the Year 11 student leaders.

A variety of awards were presented including those for attendance, student citizenship, volunteering and community participation, debating, chess and academic achievement.

Year 12 student Chloe Crocker spoke of her brush with death and reminded the students on the importance of road safety, especially paying attention when crossing the road.

Year 12 student Isabelle Flannery performed a majestic dance to Elvis Presley's song Wise Men Say and Year 12 Coordinator Bridge Muir addressed "her little Vikings" in a stirring and heartfelt speech to her Year 12 cohort.

Miss Muir addressed the formal parade dressed as Viking Queen Lagertha integrating Viking metaphor and analogy throughout her speech, a theme that has been ongoing at the cohort's parades for the last year.

"It has been an honour and privilege to be a part of your journey and we wish you happiness and success as we launch you on your next adventure into the future," Miss Muir said.

Miss Muir reminded the students that whilst their 5 year journey is coming to an end, an exciting new beginning is about to start.

"So Vikings, prepare to reboard the longboat for the next voyage. Go forward to change and shape this wonderful world with your innovative ideas, tenacity and spirit. The world is waiting for you," Miss Muir said.

The formal parade audience boogied along to the teacher dance video, which showcased some daggy dancing to Justin Timberlake's Can't Stop The Feeling and laughed with the 2016 School Captain's lighthearted personal reflections on the year that was.

Student transformations from Year 8 to Year 12 were illustrated through a photo slideshow featuring the Year 12 cohort, with some rather embarrassing, but very cute Year 8 school photos.

The parade concluded with the Year 12 students completing their walk of honour to Wiz Khalifa's emotional song See You Again, with the audience all standing and clapping as the Year 12's left the hall.

A swim and late barbecue lunch around the pool was enjoyed after many of the Year 12 students claimed their free tuckshop slushie courtesy of the school's P & C Committee.

The Year 12 students will no doubt view their last few days at NDSHS fondly and this cohort of students will be greatly missed by their teachers and friends across all year levels.

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